for Development - How we work
  • We ensure you gain a high level of co-determination in your development process.
  • We expand horizons by making the most of difference and variety, and encourage people to learn from each other.
  • We take your concrete needs as our guidance, explore them with you and help to find feasible, realistic solutions.
  • We develop proposals for development measures and adjust them as necessary.
  • We provide individual support for stakeholders through their learning process.
  • We support integrated learning in which thoughts, feelings and actions are of equal value.
  • We establish a direct correlation between speaking and acting, thus rooting the contents and principles of our work in real life.
  • We provide plenty of scope for you to experiment and try things out.
  • We reflect on your experiences and build on them in a constructive manner based on respect and appreciation.
  • We foster high levels of creativity.
  • We practise and encourage appreciation-based communication.
  • We respect boundaries and individuals’ personal protection needs.
  • We provide support throughout your development processes and respond flexibly to changing needs and requirements.