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Peter Kehr

I have almost 30 years’ experience in supporting individuals, groups and organizations through learning and development processes. This is paramount for me because I have discovered that while most people act in good faith, the behaviours they show may result in other – often surprising – effects and deliver little success over the long term. My passion, and my deeply held calling, is to support people in achieving the effects that most closely reflect their intentions and to provide them with an array of alternatives to choose from.
In my work, I draw on a variety of educational methods that foster pleasure in learning and create an atmosphere that embraces experimentation with different behaviours.
In my coaching, I work with a variety of methods from humanistic psychology in order to apply the interventions that best support individual coachees in their aims.
When not occupied by my coaching work, I enjoy spending time hiking, crafting, gardening and chopping wood. My little family – including our doggy gang, which is very much a part of us – is foremost in my life. All this helps me to stay grounded and to be mindful and respectful of the world around us.

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Stefanie Widmann

I have been a coach and consultant since 1999, focusing on communication and cooperation. A major priority in my work is to support people along their path of personal advancement. In doing so, I adopt a questioning and scrutinizing approach, and often visualize theoretical concepts in the form of images as a way of supporting understanding and retention. I challenge my clients in gentle confrontation. My curiosity and passion for knowledge led me to transactional analysis. I was convinced by its models, partly because they help people to learn how to treat themselves and others in a more effective and more authentic way. In addition to holding seminars, workshops and coaching sessions, I derive great pleasure from creative and social activities. I write books and articles on specialist topics, am fond of drawing, and enjoy organizing benefit events for social projects. Spending time close to nature gives me the strength and energy I need to pursue my perennially challenging work.

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Peter Wannemüller

I have been working as a freelance coach and consultant since 1992. 
My studies in educational science and social pedagogy, majoring in adult education, led me to develop a passion for this field. 
I support people in their learning and development with enormous pleasure and dedication. My profession involves the dynamic design and creation of learning processes, in a learning atmosphere in which all stakeholders can learn from, and with, one another in a focused and targeted manner. In this setting, my priority is to support and encourage participants to consciously take responsibility for their personal learning process and to enjoy learning. 
My personal passion takes in the many-faceted topics of communication, cooperation, rhetoric and presentation, as well as initial and advanced educational training for teachers and trainers.
In my leisure time, I love listening to rock music and going to rock concerts. I have a particular fondness for concerts that deliver pleasant surprises by overturning my expectations; they are especially memorable. Definitely parallels to be drawn with educational work there!

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